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Houellebecq trial

lady chatterly's lover


I'm yout friend...tell me your secrets. Je suis ton ami(e)...tu peux me dire tes secrets.

Muntadas, 'TVE: Primer Intento'

The Secret Cabinet of Pompeian erotica

Italy gags 'porno' Virgin Mary sites

Nationalists close Ron Haviv exhibition in Kragujevac, Serbia

Electronic games banned in Greece by the Government

"schutzloses (01)" (untprotected (01))

Lady Chatterley's Lover


Filtering and banning websites in Northrhine Westphalia, Germany

24 hours

Le démariage ou la démesure des petits vertueux

"The Odyssey"


"The Clouds", "The Birds", "Lysistrata"

Ovid's "Ars Amatoria" (The Art of Love), "Elegies"



"The Bible"

"The Talmud"

The "Koran"

"La Divina Commedia"," De Monarchia"

"Pantagruel", "Gargentua"

Nuremberg Chronicle

Savonarola's Writings

Machiavelli's, "Discorsi", "Il Principe"

Licensing to print books in Europe

Martin Luther, "Works", "Address to the German Nobility"

"Civil and Canonical Law"

"Damned In The USA"

Exhibition at Tyneside, England Railway Station

Abelard, Pierre "Introductio ad Theologiam" & other works

Michel de Montaigne, "Les Essaies"

Reginald Scott; "A Discovery of Witchcraft"

John Stubbs; "The Discovery of a Gaping Gulf... "

Robert Parsons; "A Conference..."

Index Librorum Prohibitorum

Galilei Galileo, "Dialogo sopra i due Massimi Sistemi... "

William Shakespeare is Bowdlerized

Rene Descartes; "Les Meditations Methaphysiques"

John Milton; Writings of

Moliere; "Le Tartuffe ou l'Imposteur"

Blaise Pascal; "Lettres a un Provincial", "Pensées"

Baron Charles Louis Montesquieu; Works of

John Cleland; "Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure... "

Jean-Jacques Rousseau; works of

Diderot; "L'Encyclopedie"

Beaumarchais, "Le Barbier de Seville", "Memoires", "Le Mariage de Figaro"

The Lord Chamberlain, "The Licensing Act"

Sade, "Justine or the Misfortunes of Virtue", "Juliette"

Goethe, "The Sorrows of Wertherr," "Faust"

Balzac, Novels : "La Comedie Humaine," etc.

Hugo, Marion Delorme

Baudelaire, "Les Fleurs du Mal"

Ibsen, The Ghosts

Miguel de Molinos - Author

Hugo, Le Roi s'amuse

Carpita, Le Rendez-vous des quais

Autant-Lara, Le Diable au corps

Garcia Lorca - Literature

Jose Antonio Claros - Literature

Naked Girl Falling Down the Stairs

Trotsky's "Report of the Siberian Delegation"

Aldous Huxley's Novels

Verdi Opera

Nevinson Painting

Lorca Works

Press Freedom and Individual Rights in the UK

"L'Humanite" and "Liberation" During Algerian War


"Temoignages et Documents"

French Banned Books List of 1961

Henry Miller's "Sexus" in France

Maurice Thorez' "Fils du Peuple"

Peter Abelard, Religious Prohibition

Thomas Paine, Religious Prohibition

Pietro Aretino's book Sonnetti Lussuriosi

"Sisiphos" Student Newspaper

Boixados, Maria Dolores Writings

Pasolini, Pierpaolo "Rogopag"

Agencia de Viaje Time Capsule

The Plagiarist Suffers

Internet Service Provider Censorship

Natural Born Killers banned in Guernsey

Elaheh Massumi, Trial

'Darling, Our Baby is Handicapped.'

Poor Lonesome Lisa, The Stupid Sad Slut

Oscar Panizza, Das Liebeskonzil ("The Council of Love")

Czech Publisher Convicted for Distributing Mein Kampf

Artist Refuse to Pays Penance to Polish Govt. for her Religious Work Entitled "Passion"

Oxford City Council Takes the C out of Colonization and puts it in Censorship

British College Removes Gay Magazine from Display

Pas de cours sur les pirates du réseau

Romanian government forbids all languages except Romanian

English court refuses to return marijuana grower's guide

peter kennard

Withdrawal of “Asperges Me” by Thierry de Gortier from the International Art Exhibition in Greece

Israeli ambassador vandalizes Swedish museum exhibit

Italy, school bans Muslim head scarves

Germany, police arrest neo-Nazi music file sharers

Danny Yung, Hong Kong artist, censored by German officials

Poland, language purity laws

England, Betsy Schneider, images of daughter nude

Peter Abelard, French philosopher and theologian

Herbert Achternbusch, Das Gespenst, Germany and Austria

Jose de Acosta, Spanish missionary in South America

Thomas Aikenhead, Scottish priest and freethinker

Jean-Paul Alata, Prison d'Afrique banned in France, 1977

Henri Alleg, French critic of Algerian occupation

Thodoros Angelopoulos, Greek filmmaker

Guillaume Apollinaire, French author, Les Onze Mille Verges

Gabriel Aresti, Basque poet

Pietro Aretino, Italian writer and satirist

Antonin Artaud, French dramatist and theater director

Karl Friedrich Bahrdt, German theologian and freethinker

Juan Antonio Bardem, Spanish film director, writer, actor

Harley Granville Barker, British playwrite, Waste

Charles Baudelaire, French poet

John Baxter, Love on the Dole

Pierre Bayle, French writer, philosopher and theologian

The Beatles

Samuel Beckett, Irish novelist and dramacist

Pierre-Augustin Caron De Beaumarchais, French playwright

Brendan Behan, Irish writer and playwright, Borstal Boy

Bernardo Bertolucci, Last Tango in Paris, Italy

Mongo Beti, Cameroonian write, France and Cameroon

Princess Marthe Bibesco, Romania

John Biddle, English theologian

The case of the Ph.D. Thesis at the University of Ioannina, Greece, concerning the:' The guerillas of EDES in Epirus - Greece, goals, action and results.'

Meneo móbil rave


East Germany, Wolf Biermann, German poet and songwriter

Enid Blyton, British children's book writer

Edward Bond's play "Saved"

Havelock Ellis, a British sexologist

Satirical religious writings of Desiderius Erasmus

British Historian Charles Boxer

Brazil: Cinema, Sex and the Generals, a British documentary

Hungarian poet Gyorgy Faludy

The Fandango

Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno

Jewish intellectual Martin Buber

Hessian playwright and activist Georg Buchner

Spanish film director Luis Bunuel

English poet Lord Byron

Rainer Fassbinder's play "The Garbage, the City and Death"

Federico Fellini's film "La Dolce Vita"

Director of "Los Chicos" Marco Ferreri

British playwright Henry Fielding

Gustave Flaubert's novel Madame Bovary

the "Spiegel"-affair

Modigliani nudes

Dulac and Artaud's The Seashell and the Clergyman

German Government Denies Visa to South African Activist

el turista cortés

Historias de la Universidad


Art copies

"Behzti" (Dishonor) cancelled in Birmingham, UK

Kiki Lamers accused of child pornography

Greek Museum Curator Ioakimidis on Trial

Naked Man with Watermelon Photograph Vandalized

Girbaud Ad Banned in France and Italy

DWG | Dirty Works Greece

Director of media magazine in Italy appropriates archives forces collaborators into reiseigning.

grave censor

No me dejaron escupir a la profesora de lengua en el colegio

No me dejaron desnudarme ante el Papa Benedicto

Play canceled in Paris after playwright gave speech at Milosevic's funeral

Scarfe's political cartoons removed from gallery

Asia House Gallery cancel Husain exhibition after Hindu groups threatens protest and vandalism incident

German officials refuse to hang poster featuring a photographed nude

German minister of agriculture bans advertisement against genetic engineering

Spanish television station cuts Muntadas' film

Whitechapel Gallery Censors Hans Bellmer

David Cerny's artwork "Shark" pulled from exibition called "Shadows of humor"

Marlowe's Koran- burning hero Tamburlaine the Great is censored to avoid Muslim anger

German magazine cancels public display of an American's film due to its questionable content

Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh murdered by Moroccan Islamists in Amsterdam

Nearly seven years after "Presumed Innocent" opened, the French art exhibit continues to come under scrutiny for sexually explicit pieces


"No es seri este cementerio" Los Gru

"No es serio este cementerio" Los Gru

Jean Calvin: French theologian and religious reformer who censored and was censored

Charles Chaplin: British Film Actor and Director


John Cleland's novel "Memoir of a Woman of Pleasure" censored for two centuries around the world

Alex Comfort's sex manual "The Joy of Sex" censored in Ireland

English pamphlet "The Confessional Unmasked" leads to Hicklin Rule

Pierre Cornielle's play "Le Cid" censored by Academie Francaise

Gustave Courbet's painting "The Bathers" the cause of much controversy

Gustave Courbet's painting "The Bathers" the cause of much controversy

David Cronenberg's film "Crash" faced possible censorship in Britain

E.E Cummings' "The Enormous Room" tells of his censorship

Dante's "De Moncarchia" censored by Pope

Charles Darwin's self-censorship and other censors

Honore Daumier's caricature "Gargantua" censored by French government

Blaga Dimitrova: Bulgarian poet, novelist, essayist, and playwright

Drugi Obieg (Second Circulation): Polish Unofficial Publishing Network

John Dryden's play "Amphitryon" censored

Alexandre Dumas Fils' "La Dame Aux Camelias" (The Lady of the Camilias) Censored In France and Britain

Romanian Writer Constantin Dumitrescu

Censorship of Women's Art in Poland

Sergeii Eisenstein, Russian Film Director, censored by Stalin

Latin American and Spanish dance Fandango censored in Spain

Rainer Werner Fassbinder's play "The Garbage, the City, and Death" censored in Germany

Federico Fellini's film "La Dolce Vita" censored by Catholic Church

Gustave Flaubert's "Madame Bovary" faced censorship

Czech social comedy "The Firemen's Ball" censored

Freie Voksbuhne (Free People's Theater)

Spanish film director Luis Garcia Berlanga censored under Franco

Nazi campaign against degenerate art

Nazi campaign against degenerate music

French caricaturist Andre Gill

Fransisco Goya, Spanish Painter, Possibly Faced Censorship

Antonio Gramsci, Italian political thinker and activist, censored by Fascists and Communists

Franz Grillparzer Censored by Hapsburgs

George Grosz: German Caricaturist

Musical "Hair" Faces Censorship Around the World

Greek Exhibit Shut Down

Eva Stefani's work in Art Athina 2007

smoke gets in your eyes/ 2007

smoke gets in your eyes/ 2007

Romanian Writer B.P. Hasdeu put on trial for infringing on public morals

German Poet Heinrich Heine

Italy's first gay art exhibit cancelled

Political Satire in 19th century England

Cancelled Lawrence of Arabia film

Miklós Jancsó's "The Round Up"

The films of Derek Jarman

András Jeles film banned in Hungary for being too philosophical

Spanish theatre group, Els Joglars, imprisoned by military

Spanish Judge orders satirical magazine pulled for depicting royalty having sex

Spanish Judge orders satirical magazine pulled for depicting royalty having sex

James Joyce's "Ulysses"

Czech government frames singer

Stanley Kubrick's "Clockwork Orange" banned in Britain

Milan Kundera's "The Joke"

Poetry of Reiner Kunze

Swedish gallery pulls drawing of Mohammed as a dog

City refuses to advertise show of artwork by children of drug addicts

The music of Gyorgy Ligeti

The White Book on Repression in Algeria

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

The Black Envelope

Lowe-Porter's translations of Thomas Mann

The assassination of Georgi Markov

Guy de Maupassant

French film commision bans Chris Marker's controversial film on Cuba under the regime of Fidel Castro

Russian theater director, Vsevolod Meyerhold, censored and ultimately murdered for the political context of his plays

French historian, Jules Michelet, censored by the Roman Church

Anti-Spain play banned after Spain threats to sevar all relations with England

Joseph Stalin orders the murder of famed Yiddish actor and director, Solomon Mikhoels

The Marqius de Sade

"Midsummer Dance"

life drawins stripper from the wyvern theater gallery in swindon

Central pieces in UK exhibit pulled over nudity

Friedrich von Schiller's Wilhelm Tell


Nan Goldin photograph seized as possible child porn

Russian Ministry bars provocative work from Paris show

Belarus Free Theater arrests over Edward Bonds Eleven Vests

ash Art Project

Visitor to British Art Gallery censors male nude painting

Censorship in Switzerland

Dos videos sobre Farc retirados de exposición en Inglaterra por embajador colombiano

Moustapha Akkad, "Lion of the Desert (Omar Mukhtar)"

City Council cancels artist's exhibition over controversial Muslim artwork

Hague Museum Pulls Art by Sooreh Hera as Offensive to Muslims

Vom Polizeigriff zum Übergriff

Contemporary art exhibit from Prishtina closed in Belgrade

"5 min de objetividad ante una escultura verde en Bilbao"

Nudes taken down from public exhibition at Harrow Arts Centre

Terence Koh's "Gone, Yet Still" exhibit comprising of inconic figurines with erections causes lawsuit at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art.

David Cerny's 'Bulgaria toilet art' covered by Czech government

Birmingham removes Mohammed Ali's "Free Gaza" mural from building.

French court orders ban on Chinese body parts show "Our Body: The Universe Within"

The life of Jesus by Gerhard Haderer censored by Greece

The life of Jesus by Gerhard Haderer censored by Greece

The life of Jesus by Gerhard Haderer censored by Greece

Mimis Androulakis's book "Mi Sto Ni" banned by Greek courts.

Federico Solmi charged with obscenity in Italy due to the showing of his video "The Evil Empire"

Irish artist withdraws exhibition after location moves.

French rapper removed from summer music festival

Nude paintings removed from British hospital exhibit

BEFORE, WHILE AND AFTER MY UNWILLING PREGNANCY. if u censor my now, then you have a second one!

BEFORE, WHILE AND AFTER MY UNWILLING PREGNANCY. if u censor my now, then you have a second one!

de pj heeft sterken binnengedaan een uur geleden

Kaucyila Brooke's photo collage "Tit for Twat" censored from Bucharest Biennale.

Uitgeverij Guggenheimer

Fenomenale feminatheek

Censor of a high school art's project

Photograph of nude 10-year-old Brooke Shields removed from the Tate Modern a day before the exhibit was to open.

Monty Python's Life of Brian

Internet Censorship in Belarus

Malta sponsoring extreme censorship

I like America, America doesn't like me



Ahlam Shibli at Jeu de paume Paris

censure des dessins de Atelier Van Lieshout dans l'exposition 'Actualites' au Rectangle, a lyon

Removal of 'LACK' fly-posters/artwork from Gallery frontage in Malvern
























































Self-portrait with Jewish Identity Card

Traquini, Ne m'oublie pas

24 presos políticos en España

The Bravo magazine raised the age border for harmless nude photographs in a sex education series from 16 to 18

Circus Christi

Not Dressed for Conquering/Haute Couture 04 Transport













Gérald Darmanin interdit aux mineurs le livre jeunesse Bien trop petit.

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