Name: dollspace

Date:  1995 - 2005

Location:  Europe

SubjectExplicit Sexuality

MediumElectronic Media

image description
Artist: Francesca da Rimini

Confronting Bodies: Belgian Police; Belgian Judiciary

Date of Action: 18 november 2002

Specific Location: Mechelen, Belgium

Description of Artwork: internet artwork exploring issues of power, violence, sexuality

Description of Incident: RIGOR MORTIS OF THE SOCIAL BODY

Beware! do not touch the exquisite corpse, don't ever use the word "Porn", to not dare to say the unspoken.

The work of the australian artist Francesca da Rimini has been censored in Mechelen, Belgium as part of the "Porn ar(t)ound the world" festival organized by KCnona

"Dollspace", is a web site wich collects the tracks of Dollyoko, the ghost of all the children that were drown into the Pond of the Death Girls, in China, only because they were born female. The artist is haunted by this ghost and tells all her possible lifes, her sexual desires and obsessions to which a body was denied. Dollyoko says: "All history is pornografy" and "History is written by men who fuck their daughters"

Francesca Da Rimini, artist and writers, uses as raw material for her writings the experience that she have had in virtual realm in textual mode as LambdaMoo. In this worlds she have had consensual sexual experinces as a child.

Her work togheter with others (see list at the bottom) has been seized here in Mechelen because of paedophily.

The artist say: "I think that is important to move the attention out of my work and trying instead to understand which are the real causes of children abuse that usually happens inside the families"

Libidot, curator of the exibition and censored artist says "I wonder why we are still unable to distinguish what is criticism, art and commentary from what is real abuse"

Part of the festival was also the show of the famous post porn actress Annie Sprinkle which presented a performance about the History of porn called "Herstory of Porn". Ricky Suade, form america, is running a campaign against circumcision as male genital mutilation, Yoshie Suzuki from japan, runs around the world giving french kisses to as many people as possible, Shu Lea Cheang director of the sci-fi porn Movie I.K.U.

Above this sad episod o censoriship the Festival is going very well and is welcome by the largest part of the people of Mechelen. It is a moment of collective sharing and exploration, the evening called "Bring your own porn" was in fact a great success highlighted by irony.

Above the industry of the entertainment there is still people who know how to enjoy shivers of sharing and living flesh.

The censored works are:

Alex Mc Quilkin Fucked 1999-2000, DVD

Yoshie Suzuki and Adam Zaretsky SQUART 2000, VIDEO

ZOOT e GENANT Meat Sexu Tacot &1996, mixed media video installation

FRANCESCA DA RIMINI Dollspace 2000, website

KATRIEN JACOBS Sexy Flowers 2001, mixed media

ANNIE SPRINKLE The sluts & goddesses Video Workshop: or how to be a sex Goddesses in 101 easy steps


Results of Incident: Artworks still confiscated by State Authorities and undergoing investigation

Source: Francesca das rimini; Agnese Trocchi

Submitted By: Francesca da Rimini

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