"> Name: German minister of agriculture bans advertisement against genetic engineering

Date:  2006-present

Location:  Europe

SubjectPolitical/Economic/Social Opinion

MediumPrint Journalism

image description
Artist: "Save our Seeds"

Confronting Bodies: Horst Seehofer - Minister of Agriculture - Bundesministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz (BMELV)

Date of Action: August 2006

Specific Location: Berlin, Germany

Description of Artwork: the ad shows a corn cob being covered on its upper half by a red condom on a black background on the left half. on the roght side it has the headline "Nie mehr ohne? - Never again without?" It continues with a short text claiming that every customer should have the right for a free choice to not buy products containing genetically engineered food items.

Description of Incident: the ad was to be printed inside a magazine about organic food products. As the magazine was dependent on governmental fundings, the ministery of Horst Seehofer announced to withdraw all its fundings if the ad of "Save our Seeds" was taken inside

Results of Incident: The magazine was printed without the ad by "Save our Seeds"

Source: http://www.saveourseeds.org/ http://www.keine-gentechnik.de/

Submitted By: Markus Saxinger

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