Name: Eva Stefani's work in Art Athina 2007

Date:  2006-present , 2006-present , 2006-present

Location:  Europe , Europe , Europe

SubjectExplicit Sexuality , Explicit Sexuality , Explicit Sexuality

MediumVideo Art , Video Art , Video Art

Artist: Eva Stefani

Confronting Bodies: Public Prosecutor Police Member of the LAOS party (extreme right)

Date of Action: Saturday June 3rd, in tha afternoon

Specific Location: ART ATHINA 2007 (International art fair, organised from the Greek galleries with the support of the Greek Ministry of Culture and partly funded from the European Union)

Description of Artwork: It was a video depicting a female that was masturbating with the sound of the Greek national Anthem

Description of Incident: The member of LAOS party complaint and policemen went to the exhibition area, confiscated the artwork and arrested Mihalis Argyrou, the Director of Art Athina.

Results of Incident: The result was that the arrest of the Director of Art Athina and the exibition of the specific artwork ceased to continue.


Submitted By: Yannis Ziogas

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