Name: Pasolini, Pierpaolo "Rogopag"

Date:  1951 - 1975

Location:  Europe


MediumFilm Video

Artist: Pasolini, Pierpaolo

Confronting Bodies: Italian Commission on film censorship

Date of Action: March 1, 1963 ; in November 1964, the movie was put back into distribution but with some dialog changed and some scenes cut.

Specific Location: Italy

Description of Artwork: 'La ricotta'' , one of the three episodes of the movie ''Rogopag'' ; the other episodes were directed by Godard and by Rossellini - narrates the story of Stracci, a Roman proletarian that works as an extra in a movie where there is represented the crucifixion of Christ. Stracci dies on the cross at the end of the movie. The director in ''La ricotta'', is played by O. Wells.

Description of Incident: The movie was taken out of distribution - accused of, ''offense to the State religion.'' It was the first time that a movie was accused not of '' offense to the audience'', but to the religion. In this way, I feel, the State substituted the Church in the defense of the public morale.

Results of Incident: Pasolini was condemned to 4 months of jail - with an appeal one year later, he was recognized innocent. Nevertheless, to go back into distribution, the movie was cut. The title was changed into ''Laviamoei il cervello'', and some dialogue was changed.

Source: Caterina Borelli, (from the book, '' I Film De Pierpaolo Pasolini'', published by Gremese, written by Luciano De Giusti, second edition, 1985 )

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