Name: ash Art Project

Date:  2006-present , 2006-present , 2006-present

Location:  Europe

SubjectPolitical/Economic/Social Opinion

MediumElectronic Media , Personal Opinion

Artist: Luca Lo Coco (in art , Same Dollinger)

Confronting Bodies: Between the artist Luca Lo Coco and the Flash Art Director Giancarlo Politi.

Date of Action: 22/08/2007

Specific Location: Italia, Between Milano and Palermo

Description of Artwork: Critic Artwork against the First review of art in Europe Flash Art. was situated on line.

Description of Incident: Today, the Court of Palermo, upon request of the Director of the First review of art in Europe Giancarlo Politi, has arranged the blackout of of Net in Art and The Director Giancarlo Politi, has spread a black veil over the scomodo, artistic project by the twenty two year-old palermitan Luca Lo Coco.

Results of Incident: Blackout of Net Art web sites and

Source: The same artist Luca Lo Coco, from email:

Submitted By: Luca Lo Coco

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