Name: City refuses to advertise show of artwork by children of drug addicts

Date:  2006-present

Location:  Europe


MediumMixed Media , Commercial Advertising

Artist: Around 80 children who have grown up with parents addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Confronting Bodies: Glasgow city council

Date of Action: July, 2007

Specific Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Description of Artwork: The exhibit features artwork by children who have grown up in families that were torn apart by drug abuse. The artwork is not toned down and some of the issues addressed in it is not comfortable material.

Description of Incident: Even though the city council of Glasgow has partially funded the event, they refused to advertise for it on the large plasma screen above the Glasgow Concert Hall. The council's marketing bureau stands by its right to reject "inappropriate material."

Results of Incident: The move has been criticized by academics but the decision on the council's part has not changed. The show will continue to run until mid-August.


Submitted By: NCAC

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