"> Name: Marlowe's Koran- burning hero Tamburlaine the Great is censored to avoid Muslim anger

Date:  1995 - 2005

Location:  Europe



Artist: Writer Christopher Marlowe, 16th century

Confronting Bodies: play director David Farr, artistic director of the Bristol Old Vic Simon Reade

Date of Action: November 2005

Specific Location: The Barbican, London UK

Description of Artwork: Tamburlaine the great tells the story of a shepherd- robber who defeats the king of Persia, the Emperor of Turkey and, seeing himself as the "scourge of God", burns the Koran

Description of Incident: Mr Farr "adapts" the play, avoiding the comments on the not worthines of Mohamed , and "smooths over" the burning of the Koran, burning a pile of unidentified books indstead.

Results of Incident: critics from public, scholars, and even the muslim council of Britain media secretary Inayat Bungawala for censoring Marlow's masterpiece.

Source: The Times, The times online UK

Submitted By: Eva Davidova

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