Retrieved 447 cases for date '1995 - 2005'

Sorokin's Goluboe Salo

Houellebecq trial

Student Newspaper Editors put on trial for politcal speech.

The Computer Science and Development Law

Censored 'NBC Meet The Press' in Australia during CHOGM.


I'm yout friend...tell me your secrets. Je suis ton ami(e)...tu peux me dire tes secrets.

Aids: A Living Archive

WAR, an exhibition by Alex Donis

Amadou Diallo memorial mural by Hulbert Waldroup

Photos by Linda Griffith

Nude by Vincent Mazo

“The Wonders of The Heavens and Flying” by Susan Narduli

Prints and sculpture by Janette Hopper and Sharon Rupp

Nudes by Sheila Albanese and Brandon Whipple

Male nudes by Patricia Ridenour

Drawings by Jonathan Allen

Photographs by Jaime Carrera

Michelangelo's David in Lake Alfred

"Sophie’s Choice" by William Styron

Painting of WTC tragedy by Paul D. Trice

Images of Palestinian life from 1948 to 1998

Michele Tuohey's Painting "Butterfly."

The Google Adwords Happening

Masters of Fine Arts Drama Student censored and defamed for theatrical theory and application thereof.

Mexican Radio Stations Ban Some Music

Controversial tiles at Eastlake park

Self-portrait by Ryan D

Paintings by Alberto Gomez

"Chastity Belt" by Joy Crane

"War & Peace / Jang Aur Aman", a film by Anand Patwardhan

Italy gags 'porno' Virgin Mary sites

TV and Film Censorship in Malaysia

Nationalists close Ron Haviv exhibition in Kragujevac, Serbia

Citibank websites by Andy Cox

The imprisonment of artist-photographer Thomas Condon in USA

Electronic games banned in Greece by the Government

Boston Public Library Censorship

Richard Meyer's book on censorship banned in Canada

"Tumbling Woman" at Rockefeller Center

"Too Young To Die" by Park Jin-pyo

The Gay Guardian

Art Students vs Baptist Church

Photographs by Jill Friedman

Photographs of Evan Johnson

August Rodin in Utah

"schutzloses (01)" (untprotected (01))

Workplace Censorship


Filtering and banning websites in Northrhine Westphalia, Germany

Cartoon in Afganistan Weekly

Musician Jean Michel Jarre's censored in concert in Egypt



China: Controls on the Internet

Le démariage ou la démesure des petits vertueux

"Just Another Creation Theory" and "Pregnant Man-Complete!"

Understanding Sexual Identity

Today's Special, a civil rights history installation

The Tin Drum

The Story of Colors / La Historia de los Colores: A Bilingual Storybook from the Jungles of Chiapas

Micro-Watt Radio

Susan Narduli, Men in Flight

People's Portrait Project, Cop Killer photo

My Museum, Selene Colbrun

Milo Gralnick, Slaughterhouse Fairytales

Michael Savage, Siren-WY art show

Mary Beth Edelson, Some Living American Women Artists/Last Supper

Lynn Zachreson, censored artist

Laura Ferguson Crouching Figure with Visible Skeleton and others

Julia Alvarez, In the Time of the Butterflies

An Alexander Kanevsky painting at the Frame Shop and Eierweiss Gallery

Alma Lopez, Our Lady

American Society of Media Photographers exhibit/Andrea London, Strike Three

Jef Bourgeau, Art Until Now

Indigo Girls' canceled high school concerts

Andy Cox, Citibank Parody

Gay Pride Library Exhibit

Barbie Art

Book, Music, and Videotape Burning at the Harvest Assembly of God Church

Artisan Entertainment, The Center of the World

Bio textbook censored

Brooklyn Museum

David Horowitz, Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Blacks is a Bad Idea for Blacks-and Racist, Too.

Contained/Controlled, Censorship Exhibit

David Replica

Jock Sturges and Barnes & Noble

Judy Blume, Forever

Jonathan Allen, W2001 W2002 W2003 W2004

Jolene Hollen, student artwork raises controversy

State v. Douglas D.

Hulbert Waldroup, political artist

Heather Has Two Mommies and Daddy's Roommate and Public Library access policies

Hallwalls' Artists and Models Ball

Go Ask Alice

Guliani against NYC street artists

'Darling, Our Baby is Handicapped.'

Poor Lonesome Lisa, The Stupid Sad Slut

Student art in Oklahoma - PIE

Self Portrait of a Martyr by Lucong

"Racial Tension" an Installation Censored

"The Crossing" crossed out of the Alliance Francaise exhibition

Alleged Theft Silences Art Critical of U.S. Leaders

Arrest for Trespass in Mall for store bought Peace T-Shirt

Arrested for Posting Pictures of Iraqis in Public Space

Picasso's Guernica Covered at United Nations

"King of Jews for the King of Beers," Parody Art Defaced

Rolling Stones Censored in China

University Censors National Comic Strip

University of Mobile Censors Painting

Anchorage City Council Cuts, Then Restores, Art Funding

Irwin Schiff and The Federal Mafia

Czech Publisher Convicted for Distributing Mein Kampf

Insulting Turkish Identity;A Criminal Offense

Journalist Interviewing Militants in Turkey Sentenced to 15 Years In Prison

Actors Arrested in Turkey: They are alleged to have insulted the Army

Banned Songs Played in Turkey Billions of Turkish Lire Levied in Fines

Artists and the Russian Orthodox Church collide. The Result: Broken Art Beleaguered Constitution.

Books Banned in TurkeyWriters and Publishers Imprisoned

Diyarbakir National Education Directorate Cancels the Municipality City Theatre's Play.

Folk Dancing Quashed, Organizers Threatened.

Mumbai International Film Festival Censors Indian Citizens

Artist Refuse to Pays Penance to Polish Govt. for her Religious Work Entitled "Passion"

India Censors the Web

Singer Blasphemes Bush's legs and then is Bounced from Borders.

Ashcroft's Agenda: The War on Porn

Literature Professor Suspended for Teaching James Joyce

Suppression of Media in U.S. Occupied Iraq

Oxford City Council Takes the C out of Colonization and puts it in Censorship

Paintings Removed from Gallery at University of Auburn

Women kissing Women, Too Hot for Huntsville Alabama

Nevada County, CA Public Officials Remove Nudes

The Dixie Chicks get Criticized for "Un-American" Remark

Bangladesh police confiscate copies of 'Newsweek'

Belarusan Government Confiscates Electronics at Borders

British College Removes Gay Magazine from Display

Canada Places Ban on Hate Speech

Nigeria Accused of Harassing Journalists

Anti-Chavez Radio is Raided in Venezuela

Indian Court Imprisons Nobel Prize-winning Author

U.S. District Court Grants Vapo and Glow Sticks for Ravers

Michael Meads Removes Works Fearing Controversy

University of Alabama Locks Nude Sculpture in Closet

California Community Theater Group Removes Painting

Colorado Fire Chief Orders the Removal of Nude Drawings

Military Recruiting Center Influences Sculpture's Removal

Delaware High School Removes Award-winning Nude Drawing

School Principal Orders Removal of WWII Exhibit

University of Iowa Removes Paintings in Fine Arts Festival

Massachusetts Gallery Owner Hides Piece for 3 Months

Awareness of Alternative Lifestyles upheld in Massachusetts

University of Iowa Removes Nude Image from Arts Festival

Mistaken Case of Child Pornography Lands Mother in Prison

Massachusetts Town Hall Employees Object to Nude Images

Michigan Gallery Owner Finds Nudes "Degrading to Women"

New Hampshire College Student's Photograpy Projects Removed

Pat Buchanan's Campaign Staff Objects to Art Exhibit

New Mexico State Fair Places Ban on Nudes

Of Mice and Men

PA Residents Accuse Mexican Artist of "America-bashing"

Breast-feeding considered Pornography in Texas

Smithsonian Exhibit Investigated for Political Advocacy

New York State Bans Prison Inmates from Exhibiting Artwork

"Bowling for Columbine" Banned by United Artists Theaters

Abstract photographs of nudes removed from Oklahoma Art Center

Community College in Alabama Removes Photo Exhibit

11 year old Student Suspended for Work of Fiction

GA H.S. Student Expelled for Fictional Diary Entry

ACLU Reverses Removal of an Exhibit in North Carolina

Ohio Gallery Removes Photos; Fears Violating Obscenity Laws

Rhode Island Student's Drawings Removed from Display

Banned South Korean film gets cheers from American viewers

Pas de cours sur les pirates du réseau

Texas gallery threatens removal of work containing nudes

Anti-war Speech Silenced Across America

Lawyers Want Zimbabwe Publishers Freed

Fargo Church Prompts Removal of Clown Mural

Insane Clown Posse merchandise removed after teen suicide

China bans pop-song for opium reference

Massachusetts students punished for racial views

South Carolina museum removes Sherer's "New Male Nudes"

Nude male image removed from Texas university's exhibit

Mural replaced, tears shed

Eminem is banned from performing in Daytona, Florida

Pepsi questions use of Dixie Chick's endorsement

Washington newsstand owners imprisoned on obscenity charges

President Clinton denied peek at nude photo

"Guitar" magazine banned from stores across the U.S.

Washington Post won't publish "Boondocks" comic strip

California public art gallery removes political work

Jethro Tull banned from New Jersey radio station

Rock group Kittie declawed in Texas

Azerbaijan's parliament limits free speech

Brazilian photojournalist murdered for controversial photos

Using internet for political purposes in China is illegal

Deepa Mehta's film, Fire, causes violence in India

Iranian journalist punished for political cartoon

Radio station ransacked by local government official in Peru

Chinese sex columnist's book banned

Chinese student arrested for dissident opinions

Belarusan director censored and assaulted for critical film

Egyptian police sieze "blasphemous" books from publisher

Israel's Ministry of Defense censors international art show

Secret Service silences anti-Bush protester

Chinese law bans internet porn and dissensious material

Indonesian government bans 13 books

Jordanian playwright arrested for critical article

Men arrested in Mauritania for controversial documentary

Romanian government forbids all languages except Romanian

Turkish justice ministry bans award-winning film

South African artist's song banned for sexual reference

English court refuses to return marijuana grower's guide

Vietnamese government destroys "poisonous cultural goods"

Pablo Neruda poem brings charges of terrorist propaganda

Anti-Bush drawing called hate speech by CA exhibit donor

Australian Parliament removes photos of human rights abuses

Australian Education Ministry bans two plays

Chinese officials remove magazine for critical book review

South Carolina production offends southern palate.

Boston Public Library Reorganization Plan

peter kennard

State Department removes controversial telegraph from text

Withdrawal of “Asperges Me” by Thierry de Gortier from the International Art Exhibition in Greece

Russian museum directors close religious exhibit

Passages: Ceramic Heads and Figures by Louise Radochonski

Thai editor loses job after criticizing prime minister

Middle schooler suspended for issue of Sports Illustrated

Israeli ambassador vandalizes Swedish museum exhibit

Turkish political party threatens movie theaters

Indonesia bans book, "New Era, New Leader."

Indonesia imprisons students for critical pamphleteering

Israeli court upholds, "free expression has its limits."

"Salo-120 Days of Sodom" siezed by New Zealand customs

"Sarah Balabagan Story" banned in the Philippines

Indian artist, Maqbool Fida Hussain investigated by police

Clear Channel cancels Howard Stern show

Oregon school suspends 12 year-old who likes rock music

South African writer, Madeleine Van Biljon, loses award

Itimar Ben Gvir, Israeli artist arrested for political photo

Maxime Rodinson's Muhammad removed from American U. in Cairo

Academy of Art University in San Francisco, student expelled

Italy, school bans Muslim head scarves

Germany, police arrest neo-Nazi music file sharers

Jessica Lawless, San Diego University

In Iraq, CPA, L. Paul Bremmer III, close newspaper, Al Hawza

New York, Noah Lamy's DUMPBUSH license plate

Canada, Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium v. Canada

Texas, adult comic books violate obscenity laws

South Korea, new internet electoral laws

Danny Yung, Hong Kong artist, censored by German officials

Poland, language purity laws

Turkey, teachers arrested for writing in Kurdish

Turkey, books about Kurdish leader banned and confiscated

England, Betsy Schneider, images of daughter nude

Al Mustaqilla, Iraqi newspaper opposed to foreign occupation

Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera, banned in Iraq

China allows Cheney on TV, but censors him afterwards

Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Reinaldo Arenas, exiled Cuban writer

Art, Design and Barbie, exhibition censored and cancelled

Tissa Balasuriya, Sri Lankan theologian

Michael Moore, Disney, Fahrenheit 911

Belarus, Radio 101.2 FM

Academic Freedom, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation

Gay student's election posters removed from N.C. school

The case of the Ph.D. Thesis at the University of Ioannina, Greece, concerning the:' The guerillas of EDES in Epirus - Greece, goals, action and results.'

Amy Jenkins, The Audrey Samsara, Salvatore Ferragamo

Gay health ads removed from Bronx bus shelters

Park commissioners want "bad words" removed from play

Giant vulva sculpture covered in San Fran Masonic hall

Texas, teacher fired for defending student artwork

Shawn Dell Joyce, "She Nourishes," Newburgh, New York

University of Rochester radio is stripped of live programs

Guy Colwell's "The Abuse," San Francisco gallery threatened

China hides dissidents for Tiananmen anniversary

The Internet as a form of censorship...

Litterary censorship in Quebec

Localodades em Eminência - Places of eminent conflict


German Government Denies Visa to South African Activist

el turista cortés

Historias de la Universidad


Art copies

Leaving the Monkhood for Love song banned

"Behzti" (Dishonor) cancelled in Birmingham, UK

Kiki Lamers accused of child pornography

Anti-war art display banned in Australia



Concord Poetry Center

Eminen Music Video, Just Lose It

"Creation of Adam" covered up in AZ school

AZ Photo Teacher Dismissed for Students' Photos

Removing painting Borders on censorship

Nudity Nixed Inside North Vancouver District Hall

Library of Congress Cancels Slavery Exhibit

Arab Authors Push the Limits of Social and Political Freedom

Greek Museum Curator Ioakimidis on Trial

Naked Man with Watermelon Photograph Vandalized

Girbaud Ad Banned in France and Italy

Crocheted Nude Sculptures Are Told to Cover Up

Karla film ban at Montreal World Film Festival

Nudes in Library Spur Florida County to Draft Rules for Displays

DWG | Dirty Works Greece

Socio-political Mural Removed from Exhibit at CA Parole Museum

Director of media magazine in Italy appropriates archives forces collaborators into reiseigning.

Politically themed artwork removed from Michigan town hall

grave censor

No me dejaron escupir a la profesora de lengua en el colegio

Ronstadt thrown out of Vegas casino after song dedication to Michael Moore

Award winning anti-Bush drawing not displayed at exhibit

Four paintings removed from office due to content

War related art exhibit canceled in Ohio

Maine gallery refuses to allow certain song lyrics to accompany artist's paintings

City Council decides to permanently remove nude sculpture

Portrait of dog removed from exhibition

Book clubs alter novels distributed to schools

Controversy about teaching evolution and creationism in Public Schools

Mayor Bloomberg attempts to ban graffiti art exhibition

Sculpture removed from Milford, Connecticut chapter of American Red Cross

Photographer Ejected From Street Arts Festival

Ken Park

Marlowe's Koran- burning hero Tamburlaine the Great is censored to avoid Muslim anger

Billboard company rejects ad campaign from Georgia Equality, an LGBT rights group, due to its content

Advertisement campaign by banned

Lebanese television station banned by the U.S. government

Woman indicted on obscenity charges over Web site that featured child-sex, torture stories

Art magazine censored by U.S. IRS

Bangladeshi author and doctor Taslima Nasreen threatened by Islamic fundamentalists

Naguib Mahfouz, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, the victim of an attempted assassination by Islamic extremists

Al-Azhar University compiles a list of 196 books to be banned on moral and religious grounds

Kowetiennes writer, Laila al-Othman, convicted of using indecent language and defamatory expressions in novel.

Kowetiennes scholar and writer, Alia Shuaib, convicted of publishing opinions that ridicule religion blasphemy in a book she published in 1993, "Spiders Bemoan a Wound"

Writer Haydar Haydar declared an apostate and sentenced to death by Islamists in Egypt for his book "A Banquet for Seaweed"

In Egypt, writer, Salaheddin Mohsen is sentenced to three years in prison for atheism and blasphemy against Islam

In Egypt, preacher, Manal Manea is sentenced to three years in prison for atheism and blasphemy against Islam

Mural censored at Kennedy International Airport for nudity

Auburn University censors student's sculpture banning it from exhibition

Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh murdered by Moroccan Islamists in Amsterdam

Group art exhibit “Sex is Art” shut down by town officials in Anville, Pennsylvania

Community College in Florida cancels censorship exhibit after requesting that a portion of a mural featuring erect penises be removed from the show

Nearly seven years after "Presumed Innocent" opened, the French art exhibit continues to come under scrutiny for sexually explicit pieces

City of Pontiac, Michigan makes obscenity charges on Detroit artist

Troy University art student sues after nude photos are banned from art exhibit

Simon & Schuster says no to a picture-book containing an image of a child dressed as a witch for Halloween, author/illustrator Ken Robbins finds new publishing house.

National Roman Catholic group protests Napa Art Exhibit

Many find Chicago-based artist's depiction of the "Last Supper" to be religiously offensive

Painting containing male nudity is censored by a local area arts council in Tennessee

Detroit museum director shuts down highly anticipated modern art exhibit due to potentially offensive artwork

At the annual Artists and Models Affair fund-raising event two video artworks shut down by Buffalo police for nude content

Mural painted by nine teenagers in Brooklyn, New York is covered up due to its violent and provocative subject matter

Six prints by convicted murderer Jack Kevorkian removed from a gallery but the building's owner for provocative subject matter

Lecture by the celebrated photographer Sally Mann ignites controversy; Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore enraged by Mann’s show at the state-funded Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and takes a strong stand

A replica of Michelangelo’s “David” placed by Florida store owners outside their business are pressured into wrapping a cloth around the Biblical figure’s waist

Naked statue of Greek God Horrifies parents at a California home schooling convention; City officials allow the parents to clothe the seemingly harmless statue

Sculpture to tribute John F. Kennedy Jr. depicting President Kennedy walking with his grown son is put on hold after many argue the image - a historical anachronism - is in poor taste.

Painting of nude woman on a cross is banned from a Honolulu art exhibit; ACLU sues the city claiming the artist was unfairly censored

Judge rules that two books of photography by famed artists were obtained from a San Diego public library by a convicted petophile and used for sexual purposes; Judge's ruling leads the public library to review the books in question


Chen Kaige: Chinese Film Director, director of Ben Wang Bie Je ("Farewell My Concubine")

David Cronenberg's film "Crash" faced possible censorship in Britain

Dong Thu Huong: Vietnamese Novelist and Critic

Censorship of Women's Art in Poland

Rainer Werner Fassbinder's play "The Garbage, the City, and Death" censored in Germany

Nadine Gordimer Fights Censorship


Banning of Yan Lianke's novels in China

Avdey Ter-Oganyan punished for desecrating religious icons

Ban of the movie "Dead Man" in Australia over a 4 second scene

The White Book on Repression in Algeria

Painter Franciszek Kulon wins settlement in lawsuit against Sullivan County

Edward Said

life drawins stripper from the wyvern theater gallery in swindon



Surendran Nair Work Withdrawn from National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi

Canadian's Photography of Palestinians removed, deemed "too pro-Palestinian"

Serious Farce

Serious Farce, Summer 1998

Harper College removed Amir Normandi photography after Muslim students protested

The life of Jesus by Gerhard Haderer censored by Greece

The life of Jesus by Gerhard Haderer censored by Greece

The life of Jesus by Gerhard Haderer censored by Greece

Mimis Androulakis's book "Mi Sto Ni" banned by Greek courts.

Senegalese singer boycotted, threatened by religious groups after album release

Photos of Palestinian Life Removed

BEFORE, WHILE AND AFTER MY UNWILLING PREGNANCY. if u censor my now, then you have a second one!

BEFORE, WHILE AND AFTER MY UNWILLING PREGNANCY. if u censor my now, then you have a second one!

Uitgeverij Guggenheimer

MTV bans female rapper's "suicidal" video

Monty Python's Life of Brian


censure des dessins de Atelier Van Lieshout dans l'exposition 'Actualites' au Rectangle, a lyon

Married Couple in a Church Group Slanders and Forces Sculptural Illustrator to Remove Non-Pornographic Nudes, Books & Websites from the Internet

Spencers gift t shirt 2003




















































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