Name: Arrested for Posting Pictures of Iraqis in Public Space

Date:  1995 - 2005

Location:  North America

SubjectPolitical/Economic/Social Opinion

MediumPhotography , Public art

Artist: Artist Emilie Clark and writer Lytle Shaw posting Art by Paul Chan

Confronting Bodies: New York Police Department

Date of Action: February 2003

Specific Location: New York City on the corner of Mercer and Prince Street

Description of Artwork: Letter size copies of portrait photographs of Iraqi citizens

Description of Incident: Clark and Shaw were taping the letter sized flyer on a lamppost at the corner of Mercer and Prince Streets when three undercover policemen arrested them. They were charged with criminal misdemeanors and sat in jail for several hours

Results of Incident: Unknown

Source: NCAC: from an article in the National Philistine

Submitted By: Peter Silverman

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