Name: In Egypt, preacher, Manal Manea is sentenced to three years in prison for atheism and blasphemy against Islam

Date:  1995 - 2005

Location:  Middle East and Caucasus , Africa


MediumPublic Speech , Personal Opinion

Artist: Manal Manea, a female preacher

Confronting Bodies: Government of Egypt; Egyptian Islamists

Date of Action: 2001

Specific Location: Egypt

Description of Artwork: Manal Manea preached openly about her anti-Islam views. She spoke of the fact that she did not believe in Islam, preached atheism and promoted secular thought.

Description of Incident: Manal Manea‚Äôs anti-Islam beliefs came under scrutiny by the Egyptian government and courts who accused the female preacher of atheism and blasphemy against Islam.

Results of Incident: In 2001, Manal Manea was sentenced to three years in prison for promoting atheism and blasphemy against Islam. Manea was not the only anti-Islamist censored in Egypt for his/her beliefs, the writer Salaheddin Mohsen was also sentenced to three years in prison for writings that were deemed offensive to Islam and promoted atheism in 2001.

Source: Democracy Frontline at:

Submitted By: National Coalition Against Censorship

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