Name: Six prints by convicted murderer Jack Kevorkian removed from a gallery but the building's owner for provocative subject matter

Date:  1995 - 2005

Location:  North America

SubjectReligious , Political/Economic/Social Opinion

MediumMixed Media , Design

image description
Artist: The artist in question is Jack “Dr. Death” Kevorkian, a 72-year-old who is also serving 10 to 25 years in a Michigan prison. The advocate for assisted suicide is was convicted in 1999 of assisted suicide of second-degree murder in the death of a terminal

Confronting Bodies: John H. Tighe – the building owner of the Danielson Art Museum

Date of Action: April 2001

Specific Location: Danielson, Connecticut USA

Description of Artwork: The six macabre prints in question included images of giant Easter bunnies pulling a Christ-like marionette from colorful eggs, a headless corpse preparing to dine on its own noggin (pictured above), and a ghoul-like figure being drawn against his will into an abyss.

Description of Incident: Kevorkian’s prints were reported stolen from Danielson Art Museum, where they were to have been in the gallery’s inaugural show by Steven Tomeo, the gallery’s director. The prints were taken from the gallery by the building’s owner, John H. Tighe. Tomeo claims that Tighe told him he removed the prints from the exhibit because they were too controversial and he was in fear of liability.

Results of Incident: The Danielson police recovered the prints from Tighe and ultimately they were returned to Tomeo. Tomeo does not know what he will do with the artwork seeing as Tighe will not let him exhibit them anymore.


Submitted By: National Coalition Against Censorship

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