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T Shirt Censorship

Meneo móbil rave



el salto...

Play About American Demonstrator Rachel Corrie Indefinitely Delayed out of Political "Sensitivity"

Lloyd Marcus paintings with references to religion removed

Borders, Waldenbooks won't carry magazine containing Muhammed cartoons

Drawings by Palestinian children censored at Brandeis University

No me dejaron desnudarme ante el Papa Benedicto

Potential ban of Sri Lankan film, "Aksharaya," threatens freedom of expression

Play canceled in Paris after playwright gave speech at Milosevic's funeral

Nude artwork banned from college art exhibit

Poem removed from gallery because it was found offensive

Malaysian government bans film on Communist leader

Chinese film screened at Cannes Film Festival despite not receiving approval from censorship committee

Government orders Chinese galleries to remove politically sensitive works

M.F. Husain faces possible censorship

Scarfe's political cartoons removed from gallery

Asia House Gallery cancel Husain exhibition after Hindu groups threatens protest and vandalism incident

ASU's Student Recreation Complex refuses to display prints of female underwear

Book clubs alter novels distributed to schools

Controversial rap artist unable to get visa to enter United States

Statute destroyed in Egypt in response to a fatwa

Kentucky government censors political watchdog site

Malaysian Government Bans Documentary on Former Communist Leader

Egyptian Parliament Demands Censorship of "Yacoubian Building"

Elif Shafak and other writers face charges for “Insulting Turkishness”

Police threaten to shut down "obscene" art exhibition in India

Internet censorship in Qatar

Iranian painter cannot publicly exhibit her work

German officials refuse to hang poster featuring a photographed nude

German minister of agriculture bans advertisement against genetic engineering

Whitechapel Gallery Censors Hans Bellmer

David Cerny's artwork "Shark" pulled from exibition called "Shadows of humor"

Borat Banned in Russia and Elsewhere

Male Nude in Shop Window Censored, Escondido, CA

Painting cut from art exhibit because of its non-traditional representation of a religious figure

U.S. Billboard company refuses to run ad campaign in which same-sex couples are pictured holding hands

Student magazine confiscated and teacher fired

German magazine cancels public display of an American's film due to its questionable content

Thai government threatens to censor opera

Lebanese television station banned by the U.S. government

Artist censored by the Iranian government for nudity

Qatar censors websites

Woman indicted on obscenity charges over Web site that featured child-sex, torture stories

Critics of abstinence-only education banned from speaking at a national conference on the prevention of sexually transmited diseases.

Art magazine censored by U.S. IRS

Books under threat of censorship in Arkansas public schools

Bangladeshi author and doctor Taslima Nasreen threatened by Islamic fundamentalists

Naguib Mahfouz, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, the victim of an attempted assassination by Islamic extremists

Art show to close a week early for "disturbing" pictures of a naked seven-year old girl

Nearly seven years after "Presumed Innocent" opened, the French art exhibit continues to come under scrutiny for sexually explicit pieces

In a lawsuit ruling Shelton Brothers Brewers wins censorship case over a label featuring Santa's fully-clothed derriere perched atop a barrel of beer

Simon & Schuster says no to a picture-book containing an image of a child dressed as a witch for Halloween, author/illustrator Ken Robbins finds new publishing house.

"No es seri este cementerio" Los Gru

"No es serio este cementerio" Los Gru

An Inconvenient Truth


Video removed from YouTube

Censorship of Women's Art in Poland

Feminist Book banned in Egypt for "offending religion"

Artwork censored in exhibit honoring Chinese New Year

Public Sculpture

SCAD Art History

SCAD Art History

Greek Exhibit Shut Down

Contemporary Russian Artwork Not Allowed Through Customs For Exhibition in Dresden

Censorship in High School Play

Censorship of Venezuelan Television Network

U.S. Soldiers Denied Access to Certain Internet Cites

Painter targeted over religious-bias

Student banners removed over political content

Cocaine Energy Drink

Eva Stefani's work in Art Athina 2007

smoke gets in your eyes/ 2007

Singapore film festival cuts two films over sex and religion

Nude, non-sexual photography exhibition refused permission

smoke gets in your eyes/ 2007

Censorship of Peruvian Cartoonist's Work by Government

Sexual sculpture removed from Indian gallery

Russian customs agents confiscate photographs to be displayed in London

"Forbidden Art" exhibit of previously barred artwork In Russia under investigation

Italy's first gay art exhibit cancelled

Pat Oleszko performance too political for East Hampton Artists Alliance

Spanish Judge orders satirical magazine pulled for depicting royalty having sex

Spanish Judge orders satirical magazine pulled for depicting royalty having sex

Swedish gallery pulls drawing of Mohammed as a dog

City refuses to advertise show of artwork by children of drug addicts

Singapore exhibition rejected over photos of gay couples kissing

Two Kurdish journalists sentenced to death in Iran

Olneyville censors trash can designs based on political content

Homofobia en entidades públicas

Painter Franciszek Kulon wins settlement in lawsuit against Sullivan County

Central pieces in UK exhibit pulled over nudity

Attack on anti-gay lyrics of Bounty Killa and Banton


Nan Goldin photograph seized as possible child porn

Russian Ministry bars provocative work from Paris show

Joshua Camozzi Milligan: "Sweet Jesus& A Reaction to a Stolen Water Bottle"

Homage to the Splasher

Belarus Free Theater arrests over Edward Bonds Eleven Vests

Rabih Mroue's performance piece banned

Thomas Rude: "American Standard"

ash Art Project

Visitor to British Art Gallery censors male nude painting

Censorship in Switzerland

Dos videos sobre Farc retirados de exposición en Inglaterra por embajador colombiano


City Council cancels artist's exhibition over controversial Muslim artwork

National Press Club (NPC) of the Philippines alter mural without artist's permission

Bush, Cheney Collages Banned - Artwork Made from Flags Called a "Desecration"

Hague Museum Pulls Art by Sooreh Hera as Offensive to Muslims

exhibition title: Don't trust me

Censorship of Bill Henson Photographs at the "Creative Australia 2020 Summit"

Gladys Barker Grauer works censored in Morristown, NJ

Vom Polizeigriff zum Übergriff

Contemporary art exhibit from Prishtina closed in Belgrade

"5 min de objetividad ante una escultura verde en Bilbao"

Nancy Worthington's artwork "Gateway to Hope" censored in China

Painting Banned From Public Exhibition Due to Political Content

The Beaver Ad

Artwork Depicting an Antlered Queen "Too Political" for Quebec

El Paso Mall Management Demands Removal of Works From an Exhibit

Provocative Film Banned from DVD Distribution in Australia Causing Accusations of Art Expression Censorship

Chinese Government Censors Art Exhibits to Assert More Control Over Expression During 2008 Olympic Games

Chinese Government Cancels Art Exhibit By Controversial Artist

Art Gallery Fights Censorship with Humour

Canadian Non-profit Association Orders Artist to Remove Image of Karl Marx From Public Mural

Nudes taken down from public exhibition at Harrow Arts Centre

Pilsen Gallery covers Amir Normandi's photo "True You" of nude Muslim woman

UCLA's 2008 Wight Biennial censored Maya Lujan's "White Magic and Xandu" mandala symbol for resembling a swastika.

Terence Koh's "Gone, Yet Still" exhibit comprising of inconic figurines with erections causes lawsuit at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art.

Nicole Boenig McGrade's photo, "Kids in Suburbia," was removed from Subiaco Library exhibit because the children's shirts were off.

David Cerny's 'Bulgaria toilet art' covered by Czech government

Birmingham removes Mohammed Ali's "Free Gaza" mural from building.

Nguyen Kim Dinh nude paintings banned from exhibit by Hue City Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism

MFA Student at the San Francisco Art Institute "formally reprimanded" by the administration for videotaping an on-campus protest

Australia's Tea Tree Gallery Council censors nudes by Margaret Tuckey and Scott Eames

French court orders ban on Chinese body parts show "Our Body: The Universe Within"

UNCW pulls nude photos of minors from Frank Cordelle's The Century Project

James Parlin sculpture "The Middle School Science Teacher Makes a Decision Hell Live to Regret" is removed by a dean from a BGSU art exhibition.

Federico Solmi charged with obscenity in Italy due to the showing of his video "The Evil Empire"

"Denied Advancement"

Kano State Censorship Board in Nigeria bans 11 Hausa songs for being immoral, obscene and confrontational

Cameroonian artist Mbanga facing enduring legal battle over controversial song lyrics

Nigerian nightclub closed by authorities after political activity of owner

Zimbabwe national radio bans controversial musician Hosiah Chipanga after an anti-government song is released

Russia's anti-extremist laws censor political art.

Irish artist withdraws exhibition after location moves.

French rapper removed from summer music festival

Nude paintings removed from British hospital exhibit

Academy of American Poets

Inside Higher Ed

Watertown Free Public Library, Massachusetts

BEFORE, WHILE AND AFTER MY UNWILLING PREGNANCY. if u censor my now, then you have a second one!


de pj heeft sterken binnengedaan een uur geleden

Kaucyila Brooke's photo collage "Tit for Twat" censored from Bucharest Biennale.

South Park Episode 201

Shepard Fairey murals painted over in KY.

Fenomenale feminatheek

Censor of a high school art's project

Photograph of nude 10-year-old Brooke Shields removed from the Tate Modern a day before the exhibit was to open.

Painting of Breastfeeding Removed from Facebook

The Last Temptation of Christ

City of San Marcos tries to remove car-turned-visual art from public view.

Controversy over painting of Adolf Hitler

Political Painting in Australia Denied To Be Hung Up Without Any Explanation Given.

Fuji Minx Video Gets Banned from YouTube

Internet Censorship in Belarus

Two Men Found Guilty in Russia Over Art That the State Deemed to Incite Hatred

Malta sponsoring extreme censorship

A Fire in My Belly

Rancho Shock

I like America, America doesn't like me


Ahlam Shibli at Jeu de paume Paris

Removal of 'LACK' fly-posters/artwork from Gallery frontage in Malvern


The Three Graces by Cranach

Married Couple in a Church Group Slanders and Forces Sculptural Illustrator to Remove Non-Pornographic Nudes, Books & Websites from the Internet

David Zwirner talking about censored Marlène Dumas's paintings at Abu Dhabi art fair

Trinity Preparatory School "The Bird Cage"

Little India Riots at race course road.

Censorship and vetoed of a artwork by Michelin Group

Traquini, Ne m'oublie pas

24 presos políticos en España

The Bravo magazine raised the age border for harmless nude photographs in a sex education series from 16 to 18

Circus Christi

Not Dressed for Conquering/Haute Couture 04 Transport

Gérald Darmanin interdit aux mineurs le livre jeunesse Bien trop petit.

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