"> Name: "Denied Advancement"

Date:  2006-present

Location:  North America

SubjectPolitical/Economic/Social Opinion


Artist: Barry Osbourn

Confronting Bodies: Avila College

Date of Action: May 19th 2009

Specific Location: Avila College (school of Education) Kansas City Missouri

Description of Artwork: School essay

Description of Incident: Dear File Room, A very brief description: I am enrolled in a graduate teacher certification program at a college I will leave nameless for now. After getting straight "A's" on all my work for three different classes and completing all obligations without any incidents of misconduct or inappropriate behavior I was called into the Dean's office at the end of semester and told I would not be allowed to advance further in the Program. They booted me. The reason gave was that my final paper in one of my classes was "too critical" and they didn't think I would make a good teacher. I had to observe a high school teacher and write extensively about it. I was not impressed with the teacher and critiqued him in some areas ( nothing outrageous and all true). I should mention that I already have an MFA and actually am educated enough to comment on art instruction. The other shoe: It turns out that the teacher I critiqued is very connected to the university, his father is a PHD and on the advisory board of the School of Education I was attending. ouch Question: Can I be kicked out of school just for the academic opinions I expressed in a school essay, even If I have a 4.0 and no misconduct? They've taken $3,500 of my money, 4 months of my life, countless hours of work and denied my advancement with no reason other than they didn't like my opinions in a paper. Sounds absurd! This can't be legal? Barry

Results of Incident: in progress

Source: not sure

Submitted By: barry Osbourn

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