Name: The Three Graces by Cranach

Date:  2006-present

Location:  Middle East and Caucasus



Artist: la tribune de l'art

Confronting Bodies: Louvre Paris vs Louvre Abu Dhabi

Date of Action: on 23th or 24th November 2010

Specific Location: Abu Dhabi's airport

Description of Artwork: Three nude Graces by Lucas Cranach,

Description of Incident: Announcement of the subscription for the purchase of Three Graces by Lucas Cranach the Louvre in Le Monde on 23th or 24th November 2010 censored by officials in Abu Dhabi

Results of Incident: Minor incident who didn't had repercutions but which is telling a lot about the same content in different context and possible cultural clashes.


Submitted By: Sabrina Fernandez Casas

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