"> Name: Painting cut from art exhibit because of its non-traditional representation of a religious figure

Date:  2006-present

Location:  North America



image description
Artist: Anna-Marie Lopez

Confronting Bodies: Centro Cultural Aztlan

Date of Action: 2006

Specific Location: San Antonio, Texas

Description of Artwork: Lopez's "Virgin" is a large painting of the Virgen de Guadalupe. In Lopez's painting, the Virgen is naked except for a blue mantle and a strategically placed serpent; she wears a human heart on a strand around her neck and stands behind a barbed-wire fence.

Description of Incident: Lopez's "Virgin" was selected for inclusion in the Centro Cultural Aztlan's Galeria Expresion. However, four days before the exhibit went up, Centro decided to reject the painting. It appears that the reason the work was rejected was the non-traditional way it represented the Virgen, which the Centro saw as a potential source of controversy.

Results of Incident: Lopez's painting did not go up in Centro's exhibition.

Source: Elaine Wolff's article "Virgen Matricides" which can be found at www.anna-marielopez.com/interview/reviews.html and, National Coalition Against Censorship

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