Retrieved 40 cases for medium 'Installation'

24 hours

Le démariage ou la démesure des petits vertueux

"Aim High and Do Your Best" at Jersey City Museum

"Seeing Red, White or Blue"

"Tunnel of Love"

Arte Cubano Actual - Exhibition

Dread Scott's Proper Flag

Chicago Flag Exhibition

Hans Haacke at the Guggenheim Museum

Constantinides, Kathy Installations

Jef Bourgeau, Art Until Now

Gay Pride Library Exhibit

Contained/Controlled, Censorship Exhibit

Jonathan Allen, W2001 W2002 W2003 W2004

Elaheh Massumi, Trial

"Racial Tension" an Installation Censored

Alleged Theft Silences Art Critical of U.S. Leaders

Artists and the Russian Orthodox Church collide. The Result: Broken Art Beleaguered Constitution.

Artist Refuse to Pays Penance to Polish Govt. for her Religious Work Entitled "Passion"

San Jose Mall Cancels Artists' Exhibit

Art, Design and Barbie, exhibition censored and cancelled


Localodades em Eminência - Places of eminent conflict

Maine gallery refuses to allow certain song lyrics to accompany artist's paintings

Police threaten to shut down "obscene" art exhibition in India

David Cerny's artwork "Shark" pulled from exibition called "Shadows of humor"

Bill Paul's artwork attacked for being anti-Christian, pornographic and homoerotic

Nearly seven years after "Presumed Innocent" opened, the French art exhibit continues to come under scrutiny for sexually explicit pieces

Detroit museum director shuts down highly anticipated modern art exhibit due to potentially offensive artwork

Judy Chicago: American feministartist

Censorship of Women's Art in Poland

smoke gets in your eyes/ 2007

smoke gets in your eyes/ 2007

Homage to the Splasher

Art Gallery Fights Censorship with Humour

Irish artist withdraws exhibition after location moves.

Nude paintings removed from British hospital exhibit

Rancho Shock


Removal of 'LACK' fly-posters/artwork from Gallery frontage in Malvern

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