Name: Art Gallery Fights Censorship with Humour

Date:  2006-present

Location:  North America



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Artist: Erika Risko; Mayer Fine Art

Confronting Bodies: Management of the building where Mayer's Fine Art is located

Date of Action: July 2008

Specific Location: Norfolk, Virginia, United States

Description of Artwork: Four canvases that collectively depict a woman's nude torso and arms.

Description of Incident: Erika Risko's work, "Martyrdom," was exhibited at Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia without incident. The piece also showed in a student exhibit in Washington, D.C. called "Early Look," without complaint. Mayer's Fine Art Gallery chose to display "Early Look" in Norfolk, including Risko's work. Building management complained that the nude, female breasts depicted in the work were offensive and the piece should be removed from exhibit.

Results of Incident: Instead of removing "Martyrdom," the gallery owner decided to cover the breasts, in an effort to make the building management's demand look foolish. There is also talk of plans to ask guests to design "tasteless" pasties which will be rotated over "Martyrdom's" breasts for the rest of the month.

Source: Phillyist (

Submitted By: NCAC - Lesley Clark

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