Name: Motion Picture Act in British Columbia

Date:  1985 - 1995

Location:  North America

SubjectNudity , Sexual/Gender Orientation , Explicit Sexuality

MediumFilm Video

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Artist: Producers of films and videos

Confronting Bodies: Attorney General of British Columbia

Date of Action: 1986

Specific Location

Description of Artwork: Films and videotapes Bill 30-1986, The Motion Picture Act, proscribes guidelines for the distribution and screening of films, videotapes, video discs and "any other object or device on or within which there is recorded, by photographic, electronic, or other means, the contents of a motion picture... " in British Columbia. The Act includes an approval process by the Director of Film Classification for the province.

Description of Incident: Section 5: "The Director shall, before approving a motion picture... remove or require the removal of, by erasure or otherwise, any portion of it that depicts: (a) the coercing, through the use of threat of physical force or by other means, of a person to engage in a sexual act, where the sexual act that was coerced is depicted in explicit sexual scenes; (b) incest or necrophilia; (c) bondage in a sexual context; (d) persons who are or who appear to be under the age of 14 involved in sexually suggestive scenes, whether or not they appear nude or partially nude; (e) persons who are or appear to be under the age of 18 involved in explicit sexual scenes; (f) explicit sexual scenes involving violence; (g) scenes of brutality to or torture, maiming or dismemberment of persons or animals that are portrayed with such a degree of reality and explicitness that the scenes would, in the Director's opinion, be intolerable to the community; (h) sexual conduct between a human being and an animal." Section 12 "The Director, a peace officer, or a person authorized by the Director may enter a theatre or the premises of a motion picture distributor, an adult film distributor, a video distributor, or an adult film retailer or a video retailer at any time during regular business hours for the purpose of viewing or inspecting a film or an adult film, and may use any equipment located at the theatre or on those premises for that purpose. This individual may seize: (a) any film that he believes will be exhibited in a theatre, or (b) any adult film that he believes will be distributed by an adult film distributor or adult film retailer, that has not been approved, or that does not carry an authorized certificate of approval for exhibition in a theatre or for distribution by an adult film distributor or adult film retailer. The Director may destroy a film seized under subsection (2) 60 days after it was seized, unless an appeal has been commenced... "

Results of Incident: Unknown

Source: Motion Picture Act, Bill 30, 4th Session, 33rd Parliament 35 Elizabeth II, 1986, Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

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