Retrieved 14 cases for medium 'Commercial Advertising'

The Google Adwords Happening

David Horowitz, Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Blacks is a Bad Idea for Blacks-and Racist, Too.

Focus on the Family Advertisement

"King of Jews for the King of Beers," Parody Art Defaced

Pepsi questions use of Dixie Chick's endorsement

Poland, language purity laws

Gay health ads removed from Bronx bus shelters

Girbaud Ad Banned in France and Italy

U.S. Billboard company refuses to run ad campaign in which same-sex couples are pictured holding hands

Billboard company rejects ad campaign from Georgia Equality, an LGBT rights group, due to its content

Advertisement campaign by banned

In a lawsuit ruling Shelton Brothers Brewers wins censorship case over a label featuring Santa's fully-clothed derriere perched atop a barrel of beer

Cocaine Energy Drink

City refuses to advertise show of artwork by children of drug addicts

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