Retrieved 21 cases for medium 'Design'

Roberto Plate in "Experiencias 68"

Arrest for Trespass in Mall for store bought Peace T-Shirt

ACLU Reverses Removal of an Exhibit in North Carolina

Rhode Island Student's Drawings Removed from Display

Nude male image removed from Texas university's exhibit

Anti-Bush drawing called hate speech by CA exhibit donor

Art, Design and Barbie, exhibition censored and cancelled

The Beatles

Historias de la Universidad



In a lawsuit ruling Shelton Brothers Brewers wins censorship case over a label featuring Santa's fully-clothed derriere perched atop a barrel of beer

Six prints by convicted murderer Jack Kevorkian removed from a gallery but the building's owner for provocative subject matter

Student banners removed over political content

Political Satire in 19th century England

Swedish gallery pulls drawing of Mohammed as a dog

Olneyville censors trash can designs based on political content

Serious Farce


Spencers gift t shirt 2003


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