Name: Award winning anti-Bush drawing not displayed at exhibit

Date:  1995 - 2005

Location:  North America

SubjectPolitical/Economic/Social Opinion


image description
Artist: Chuck Bowden, artist

Confronting Bodies: Redwood Art Association; Paul Bareis, business owner

Date of Action: December, 2003

Specific Location: Eureka, California

Description of Artwork: Bowden's drawing depicts Bush standing in the foreground on top of a grave with blood dripping from his hands. In the background, bodies are depicted falling from the World Trade Center.

Description of Incident: After Bowden won second place in the Redwood Art Association's fall exhibit, Paul Bareis withdrew the $300 gift certificate he submitted for the winner. Bareis stated that the drawing was a form of hate speech. The Redwood Art Association did not display Bowden's drawing claiming that it was because of insurance problems. They stated that Bowden priced his drawing at $35,000 while the other 193 works totalled $142,485.

Results of Incident: An anonymous person donated $300 to replace the gift certificate.


Submitted By: Danielle Biber

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