"> Name: 11 year old Student Suspended for Work of Fiction

Date:  1995 - 2005

Location:  North America



Artist: A 5th grade student (name withheld for privacy)

Confronting Bodies: Syosset, New York Central School District officials

Date of Action: October 2003

Specific Location: Syosset, New York

Description of Artwork: A short story entitled, "Costume Party," written by an 11 year old in his 5th grade English class journal. The fictional work is modelled around the stereotypical "slasher" movie scheme.

Description of Incident: An English teacher recommended that each student carry a personal journal in which to write anything from poems, ideas, to short stories, etc. "Costume Party" was the student's contribution to his journal. In it he used his classmates names, many of whom asked permission to be included. The student's Latin teacher asked him to read the story to his class, which entertained many of the students. The teacher submitted the journal to the school's principal, guidance counselor and psychologist, who took the student out of classes for psychological testing and suspended him for 5 days.

Results of Incident: The school is seeking additional punishment beyond the maximum 5 day suspension. The student's parents sought the NCAC's help to quell this matter, for fear that it may bring negative attention to the student for the remainder of his education.

Source: Communication between the student's parent and the NCAC's beloved, Roz Udow.

Submitted By: NCAC

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