Name: Michael Savage, Siren-WY art show

Date:  1995 - 2005

Location:  North America



Artist: Michael Savage

Confronting Bodies: Art show committee

Date of Action: July 1998

Specific Location: National Art Show, Dubois, Wyoming

Description of Artwork: Painting on metal featuring topless mermaids.

Description of Incident: Savage's painting, Siren, was excluded from the National Art Show in Dubois for featuring frontal nudity. The committee, who has final say in what pieces are acceptable for the show, commented that the town is just not ready for such art.

Results of Incident: Savage picketed the nine days of the show and displayed his painting for passerby who asked to see it. He took a poll to see how many people disapproved of his work. By his count, 182 of the 185 people who saw the painting found it acceptable. Savages painting was published in the Dubois Frontier.

Source: NCAC, National Campaign for Freedom of Expression

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