Name: Television Sex and Violence Boycott Day, 1991

Date:  1985 - 1995

Location:  North America

SubjectOther , Explicit Sexuality


Artist: Television Networks

Confronting Bodies: Vicki Riley and supporting organizations

Date of Action: 1990-1991

Specific Location: Wilmington, Delaware

Description of Artwork: Sex and violence occurring on television.

Description of Incident: Vicki Riley, a house wife and mother, who heads Concerned Citizens for Quality Television, first came up with the "Turn Off The Television Day" for the state of Delaware in August, 1990, with five thousand participants. The boycotts are meant to protest violence and sex on television. The October, 1991 "Turn Off Day" was nation-wide, involving organizations such as New York-based Morality in Media, the Michigan-based Americans for Responsible Television, the Georgia-based Christian Film and Television Commission, the Illinois-based National Coalition Against Television Violence, the Washington-based National Christian Assn. and the Mississippi-based American Family Assn.

Results of Incident: "Basically we do not believe there will be any effect," said Peter Christanthopolous, president of the Network Television Assn., which represents all three major networks.

Source: Los Angeles Times, 10/25/91

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