Name: "Trauko" magazine

Date:  1985 - 1995

Location:  South America

SubjectNudity , Explicit Sexuality

MediumPrint Journalism

image description
Artist: Trauko

Confronting Bodies: Chilean government

Date of Action: December 7, 1989

Specific Location: Chile

Description of Artwork: "Trauko" is a magazine containing nudity and sexually explicit material.

Description of Incident: The magazine was censored on December 7, 1989. On March 27, 1990, its publisher was condemned to 41 days in prison. The prison sentence was changed and the defendant was to sign-in monthly at the Patronato Nacional de Reos (National Council for Defendants) for one year.

Results of Incident: Unknown.

Source: Revista Nuevosaires, April 1991, No. 2

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