Name: James Joyce, "Ulysses"

Date:  1900 - 1925 , 1926 - 1950

Location:  North America

SubjectExplicit Sexuality


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Artist: Artist/Author/Producer James Joyce

Confronting Bodies: Confronting Bodies U.S. Government

Date of Action: Dates of action 1918, 1930

Specific Location: Location United States

Description of Artwork:  James Joyce's novel "Ulysses".

Description of Incident:  In 1918 chapters published in the Little Review, are burned by the U.S. Post Office. In 1930, while en route to a potential American publisher, the U.S. Post Office once again seizes copies of the novel.

Results of Incident: In 1933, Federal Judge John Woolsey lifts the ban on Ulysses.

Source: National Association of Artists Organizations

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