"> Name: Censorship and vetoed of a artwork by Michelin Group

Date:  2006-present , 2006-present , 2006-present

Location:  South America , South America , South America

SubjectOther , Other , Other

MediumSculpture , Sculpture , Sculpture

image description
Artist: Robert Saldarriaga

Confronting Bodies: Michelin group Colombia Vs LAP, exhibition curators

Date of Action: February 8, 2016

Specific Location: Exhibition "BOG pasajero-habitat" that takes palce at El Dorado International airport, Bogota, Colombia

Description of Artwork: "Rueda suelta", a sculpture artwork fabricated from recycled plane tyres. Aprox. measures 250 cms X 250 cms X 75 cms.

Description of Incident: A Michelin group's representative in Bogota declared that the artwork potentially affected "the brand image of the company", for that reason the artwork should be retired of the exhibition, otherwise the Michelin group will begin legal action against the exhibition organizers.

Results of Incident: The artwork had to be retired of the exhibition by the exhibition organizers due of lack financial resources in order to pay proper legal representation in case of legal action by the Michelin group.

Source: Ramiro Camelo, invited curator BOG pasajero-Habitat.

Submitted By: Ramiro Camelo

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