"> Name: Political Painting in Australia Denied To Be Hung Up Without Any Explanation Given.

Date:  2006-present

Location:  Australia

SubjectPolitical/Economic/Social Opinion


image description
Artist: Chris Degenhardt

Confronting Bodies: Tweed Shire Council

Date of Action: June 2010

Specific Location: Murwillumbah, Australia

Description of Artwork: "The Invasion" is an amalgamation of history, art, and jarring images, ranging from Munch's The Scream to Nazis, to a dead koala bear.

Description of Incident: The painting expresses outrage which stems from the state government's "Special Legislation" that overrode a number of entrenched environmental and social laws, just so that Repco Rally Australia, a national racing organization, could run its car race in national parks. The organization was not required to file a development application, so the residents of the affected areas had no say over the project. The painting was meant to help empower local councils and their constituencies so that they would have a voice when it comes to development projects exceeding $10 million. It was to be displayed in the Murwillumbah Library, but the Tweed Shire Council banned it from being hung up. No explanation was given.

Results of Incident: Unfortunately, the painting remains unhung in the Murwillumbah Library.

Source: Chris Degenhardt

Submitted By: Paul Rozenberg

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