Name: Gilberto Ruiz - paintings

Date:  1976 - 1984

Location:  Central America and the Caribbean

SubjectPolitical/Economic/Social Opinion , Other


image description
Artist: Gilberto Ruiz

Confronting Bodies: Cuban government under Fidel Castro

Date of Action: 1980

Specific Location: Cuba

Description of Artwork: His work consists of figurative paintings often multimedia.

Description of Incident: "I attempted to study graphic design in Havana, the school authorities didn't allow me. The option was between scenic or interior design. At twenty-two I felt frustrated and tired. The frustration in Cuba is on a national and individual level; artistic experimentation is limited by the political circumstances..."

Results of Incident: Ruiz left Cuba via Mariel to Key West, Florida in 1980. He now resides in New York City.

Source: Outside Cuba", ed. Ileana Fuentes-Perez, Graciella Cruz-Taura, Ricardo Pau-Llosa

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