Name: Chinese Government Censors Art Exhibits to Assert More Control Over Expression During 2008 Olympic Games

Date:  2006-present

Location:  Asia

SubjectPolitical/Economic/Social Opinion


image description
Artist: Andy Warhol at Galleri Faurschou & Ma Baozhong at Xin Beijing Art Gallery

Confronting Bodies: The Chinese Government

Date of Action: July 2008

Specific Location: Beijing, China

Description of Artwork: Paintings of Olympic athletes by Andy Warhol; Paintings depicting the Dalai Lama and former Chinese President Jiang Zemin by Ma Baozhong

Description of Incident: Chinese government officials made the two art gallerys postpone the openings of the exhibits, because they did not feel that attention to Western art was appropriated during a monumental event in China, like the Olympic Games. Also, they were uncomfortable with the depictions of the Dalai Lama and Jiang Zemin by Ma, because they are highly politicized figures.

Results of Incident: The galleries are complying with the government's orders. No further action is reported.

Source: Raw Art Weblog (

Submitted By: NCAC - Lesley Clark

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