Name: Tennessee parents opposed to the use of Holt,Rinehart and Winston reading series

Date:  1975 - 1984 , 1985 - 1995

Location:  North America



Artist: Holt, Rinehart and Winston book publishers

Confronting Bodies: Parents in Hawkins County, Tennessee and Concerned Women for America

Date of Action: 1980s

Specific Location: Hawkins County, Tennessee

Description of Artwork: The reading series presented various ideas to promote acceptance and tolerance of all religions and cultures.

Description of Incident: Some parents in Hawkins County, Tennessee objected to the school's use of a reading series because of the various ideas promoted through the text. The parents were born again Christians whose religious beliefs forbade its followers from reading materials suggesting ideas contrary to their religious philosophy.

Results of Incident: The matter went to the United States Court of Appeals which held that the school district could continue to use the Holt, Rinehart and Winston reading series.

Source: Long Island Coalition Against Censorship, "Censorship in Schools and Libraries" exhibit

Submitted By: Danielle Biber

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