"> Name: Arrest for Trespass in Mall for store bought Peace T-Shirt

Date: 1995 - present

Location: North America

SubjectPolitical/Economic/Social Opinion

MediumDesign ,Personal Opinion,Public Speech

Artist: Stephen Downs

Confronting Bodies: Mall Security, and County Police

Date of Action: June 2, 2003

Specific Location: Guilderland N.Y. Shopping Mall

Description of Artwork: T-Shirt reading "Peace on Earth, Give Peace a Chance"

Description of Incident: Stephen Downs, 61, and his son were asked by mall security guards to remove their peace-slogan shirts or leave. Downs' 31-year-old son, Roger, took off his shirt. But Downs refused. The guards called police, and he was charged with trespassing and pleaded innocent. The men had had the T-shirts made at a mall store and wore them while they shopped

Results of Incident: Hundreds of protesters marched through the mall on June 4th wearing peace t-shirts. In the court hearing Stephen Downs has plead not guilty to the charge of trespassing. The Mall later dropped all charges.

Source: NCAC: Associated Press

Submitted By: Peter Silerman

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