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Aids: A Living Archive

“The Wonders of The Heavens and Flying” by Susan Narduli

Prints and sculpture by Janette Hopper and Sharon Rupp

Nudes by Sheila Albanese and Brandon Whipple

Drawings by Jonathan Allen

Controversial tiles at Eastlake park

"schutzloses (01)" (untprotected (01))

"Tucuman arde" exhibition

William Shakespeare is Bowdlerized

Ila Minson at IL State University

Homage to Hans Haacke - Exhibition

Micro-Watt Radio

Chicago Flag Exhibition

David Wojnarowicz

My Museum, Selene Colbrun

Mary Beth Edelson, Some Living American Women Artists/Last Supper

Andy Cox, Citibank Parody

Jolene Hollen, student artwork raises controversy

Guliani against NYC street artists

Alleged Theft Silences Art Critical of U.S. Leaders

San Jose Mall Cancels Artists' Exhibit

Artist's Work Considered Too Political for Exhibit

Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Removes "Inappropriate" Exhibit

Cambridge City Councilor Steals Penis from Exhibit

University of Oregon Censors "Uncensored Celebration"

School Principal Orders Removal of WWII Exhibit

Massachusetts Gallery Owner Hides Piece for 3 Months

Massachusetts Town Hall Employees Object to Nude Images

Michigan Gallery Owner Finds Nudes "Degrading to Women"

Pat Buchanan's Campaign Staff Objects to Art Exhibit

New York State Bans Prison Inmates from Exhibiting Artwork

California public art gallery removes political work

Israel's Ministry of Defense censors international art show

Academic Freedom, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation

The Internet as a form of censorship...

Anti-war art display banned in Australia

Nudes in Library Spur Florida County to Draft Rules for Displays

Socio-political Mural Removed from Exhibit at CA Parole Museum

Politically themed artwork removed from Michigan town hall

War related art exhibit canceled in Ohio

ASU's Student Recreation Complex refuses to display prints of female underwear

Art magazine censored by U.S. IRS

Mural censored at Kennedy International Airport for nudity

Bill Paul's artwork attacked for being anti-Christian, pornographic and homoerotic

City of Pontiac, Michigan makes obscenity charges on Detroit artist

Six prints by convicted murderer Jack Kevorkian removed from a gallery but the building's owner for provocative subject matter

Honore Daumier's caricature "Gargantua" censored by French government

Nazi campaign against degenerate art

George Grosz: German Caricaturist

Contemporary Russian Artwork Not Allowed Through Customs For Exhibition in Dresden

"Forbidden Art" exhibit of previously barred artwork In Russia under investigation

Italy's first gay art exhibit cancelled

City refuses to advertise show of artwork by children of drug addicts

Central pieces in UK exhibit pulled over nudity

Vom Polizeigriff zum Übergriff

Contemporary art exhibit from Prishtina closed in Belgrade

Nancy Worthington's artwork "Gateway to Hope" censored in China

UCLA's 2008 Wight Biennial censored Maya Lujan's "White Magic and Xandu" mandala symbol for resembling a swastika.

Russia's anti-extremist laws censor political art.

Married Couple in a Church Group Slanders and Forces Sculptural Illustrator to Remove Non-Pornographic Nudes, Books & Websites from the Internet
























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