Retrieved 131 cases for medium 'Print Journalism'

Student Newspaper Editors put on trial for politcal speech.

Ralph Ginzburg, publisher, "Eros"

Censored 'NBC Meet The Press' in Australia during CHOGM.

The Gay Guardian

Sullivan vs. New York Times

Cartoon in Afganistan Weekly

Campus Newspapers at Penn State

Zines Banned in Canada

Malaysian Government Censors Travel Writers

Communist Review, Criticism of Vietnamese Government

Indonesian tabloid "Monitor" Shut Down by Muslims

Dow Jones, Asian Wall Street Journal

Shanghai Officials Close World Economic Herald

Indonesian newspaper "Sinar Harapan" Banned by Suharto

Steve Erlanger, Southeast Asia Correspondent, N.Y. Times

"Petition of Fifty", Panscasila, President Suharto

Indonesian Students Protest Corruption in Suharto Govt.

Van Nghe(Literature and Art), Editor Nguyen Ngoc Removed

Gulf War US Press Censorship

Native American newspapers-tribal censorship,Tony LoneFight

Constitutional Problems Under Abraham Lincoln, Civil War

Republic of Korea's Criminal Code

Council for Democratic Press Movement, Mal

Kwon In Suk, Govt. Guidelines for Press coverage

Powers of Desire

"El Pueblo" newspaper

Bluefields - "La Prensa"

Guillermo Treminio - journalist

Michael Diana Comix

Homolka-Teale Trial Publicity

Manuel Buendia - Journalist

Taiwanese Government Lifts Ban on Oppositional Press

Anti-Defamation Law

Native American Press

Press Freedom and Individual Rights in the UK

"La Nation," Mohammed Boudiaf, Procurer de la Republique

"Tell"- Nigerian Magazine

"L'Observateur",Women in Politics

"Le Messager's" Pius Njawe

Dr. Ushari Mahmoud's "Al Daein Massacre-Slavery Sudan"

Chirunga Newsletter, University of Malawi

Persecution of Black Mauritanians

Dr. Nguyen Dan Que, Hight Tide Humanist Movement

"L'Humanite" and "Liberation" During Algerian War


"Temoignages et Documents"

Timerman writings

Outland, Comic Strip

Kennedy Rape Media Ban

Freedom of the Press, Algeria

John Peter Zenger, publisher

Sedition Act, Ratification of the First Amendment

Sullivan vs. New York Times Co.

Mother Earth, anarchist publication

One Magazine & U.S. Post Office

"Trauko" magazine

"Sisiphos" Student Newspaper

The Plagiarist Suffers

Australian Censorship

Kentucky State Yearbooks, Kincaid v. Gibson

University Censors National Comic Strip

Insulting Turkish Identity;A Criminal Offense

Journalist Interviewing Militants in Turkey Sentenced to 15 Years In Prison

Bangladesh police confiscate copies of 'Newsweek'

British College Removes Gay Magazine from Display

Nigeria Accused of Harassing Journalists

Lawyers Want Zimbabwe Publishers Freed

Washington newsstand owners imprisoned on obscenity charges

"Guitar" magazine banned from stores across the U.S.

Washington Post won't publish "Boondocks" comic strip

Azerbaijan's parliament limits free speech

Brazilian photojournalist murdered for controversial photos

Iranian journalist punished for political cartoon

Chinese sex columnist's book banned

Jordanian playwright arrested for critical article

Vietnamese government destroys "poisonous cultural goods"

Pablo Neruda poem brings charges of terrorist propaganda

Thai editor loses job after criticizing prime minister

Indonesia imprisons students for critical pamphleteering

In Iraq, CPA, L. Paul Bremmer III, close newspaper, Al Hawza

Jose de Acosta, Spanish missionary in South America

Al Mustaqilla, Iraqi newspaper opposed to foreign occupation

Henri Alleg, French critic of Algerian occupation

Japan, information about atomic bombs' aftermath

Lithuania, Ausra and Varpas

Mongo Beti, Cameroonian write, France and Cameroon

The Boston Chronicle, a colonial American newspaper

the "Spiegel"-affair

Borders, Waldenbooks won't carry magazine containing Muhammed cartoons

Scarfe's political cartoons removed from gallery

Kentucky government censors political watchdog site

Elif Shafak and other writers face charges for “Insulting Turkishness”

German minister of agriculture bans advertisement against genetic engineering

Student magazine confiscated and teacher fired

German magazine cancels public display of an American's film due to its questionable content

Art magazine censored by U.S. IRS

Egyptian writer, human rights defender and columist Farag Foda shot dead by militants from a fundamentalist group

Algerian writer Tahar Djaout murdered by the Armed Islamic Group

Youssef Sebti, Algerian sociologist, writer and poet assassinated by Islamist activists

Iranian cartoonist Manouchehr Karimzadeh in prison for illustration

Bangladeshi author and doctor Taslima Nasreen threatened by Islamic fundamentalists

Scholar, historian, and author Saiidi Sirjani murdered in Iranian prison

Al-Azhar University compiles a list of 196 books to be banned on moral and religious grounds

Drugi Obieg (Second Circulation): Polish Unofficial Publishing Network

Eduardo Galeano: Anti-censorship activist and historian

French caricaturist Andre Gill

Argentine journalist Andrew Graham-Yooll Faces Censorship From a Series of Dictatorships

Akram Haniyya

Pamphlet promoting free love banned from distribution in United States

Spanish Judge orders satirical magazine pulled for depicting royalty having sex

Spanish Judge orders satirical magazine pulled for depicting royalty having sex

Two Kurdish journalists sentenced to death in Iran

French historian, Jules Michelet, censored by the Roman Church

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