Retrieved 100 cases for location 'Asia'

The Computer Science and Development Law

"War & Peace / Jang Aur Aman", a film by Anand Patwardhan

TV and Film Censorship in Malaysia

"Too Young To Die" by Park Jin-pyo

Cartoon in Afganistan Weekly

China: Controls on the Internet

International Community Radio,Taiwan Radio Broadcasting

Malaysian Government Censors Travel Writers

Communist Review, Criticism of Vietnamese Government

Singapore Government Bans Films in Low-income Housing Areas

Film Director Shuichi Tsuchikawa, Japanese film censorship

Indonesian tabloid "Monitor" Shut Down by Muslims

Dow Jones, Asian Wall Street Journal

Film Director Luu Trong Ninh and Vietnam Film Censorship

Nano Riantarno's,"Opera Kecoa" banned in Indonesia

Shanghai Officials Close World Economic Herald

Thai T.V., Phra Bodhirak, Government Ban on News Coverage

Pramoedya Ananta Toer's This Earth of Mankind Banned

Indonesian newspaper "Sinar Harapan" Banned by Suharto

Steve Erlanger, Southeast Asia Correspondent, N.Y. Times

"Petition of Fifty", Panscasila, President Suharto

Indonesian Students Protest Corruption in Suharto Govt.

Van Nghe(Literature and Art), Editor Nguyen Ngoc Removed

Malaysian Rap Group Banned from Radio and Television

"Lady Chatterly's Lover" in Chinese

People's Cultural Movement Association

Yonsei University, Student Protests

Republic of Korea's Criminal Code

Council for Democratic Press Movement, Mal

Kwon In Suk, Govt. Guidelines for Press coverage

"Mainland China 1989", Chang Chao-tang, Hong Kong

"The Satanic Verses"

Taiwanese Government Lifts Ban on Oppositional Press

Anti-Defamation Law

Saburo Ienega's The New History of Japan

Dr. Nguyen Dan Que, Hight Tide Humanist Movement

Nguyen Quang Phuc Paintings

Schindler's List in Philippines

Mumbai International Film Festival Censors Indian Citizens

India Censors the Web

Bangladesh police confiscate copies of 'Newsweek'

Indian Court Imprisons Nobel Prize-winning Author

Banned South Korean film gets cheers from American viewers

China bans pop-song for opium reference

Using internet for political purposes in China is illegal

Deepa Mehta's film, Fire, causes violence in India

Chinese sex columnist's book banned

Chinese student arrested for dissident opinions

Chinese law bans internet porn and dissensious material

Indonesian government bans 13 books

Vietnamese government destroys "poisonous cultural goods"

Chinese officials remove magazine for critical book review

Thai editor loses job after criticizing prime minister

Indonesia bans book, "New Era, New Leader."

Indonesia imprisons students for critical pamphleteering

"Sarah Balabagan Story" banned in the Philippines

Indian artist, Maqbool Fida Hussain investigated by police

South Korea, new internet electoral laws

Danny Yung, Hong Kong artist, censored by German officials

Ai Qing, Chinese poet

China allows Cheney on TV, but censors him afterwards

Japan, information about atomic bombs' aftermath

Tissa Balasuriya, Sri Lankan theologian

Rup Chand Bista, Nepalese writer and politician

The "End of the Axis Powers" booklet from India, 1942

Indian Nationalist S.C. Bose

Ming-Chinese official Fang Xiaoru

China hides dissidents for Tiananmen anniversary

Chinese physicist and free speech activist Fang Lizhi

Indonesian theologian Hamzah Fansuri

Chinese academic advocate Fei Xiaotong

Chinese poet Feng Xuefeng

Leaving the Monkhood for Love song banned

Potential ban of Sri Lankan film, "Aksharaya," threatens freedom of expression

Malaysian government bans film on Communist leader

M.F. Husain faces possible censorship

Malaysian Government Bans Documentary on Former Communist Leader

Police threaten to shut down "obscene" art exhibition in India

Thai government threatens to censor opera

Chen Kaige: Chinese Film Director, director of Ben Wang Bie Je ("Farewell My Concubine")

Ding Ling: Chinese novelist and editor

Dong Thu Huong: Vietnamese Novelist and Critic

Painter targeted over religious-bias

Singapore film festival cuts two films over sex and religion

Nude, non-sexual photography exhibition refused permission

Sexual sculpture removed from Indian gallery

Banning of Yan Lianke's novels in China

Chinese censorship of Li Zhi

Li Jiantong's biography of Liu Zhidan

Singapore exhibition rejected over photos of gay couples kissing

Santo Kyoden

National Press Club (NPC) of the Philippines alter mural without artist's permission

Surendran Nair Work Withdrawn from National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi

Nancy Worthington's artwork "Gateway to Hope" censored in China

Previously Censored Mongolian Modern Art Triumphs in New Exhibition at Ulan Baatar

Chinese Government Censors Art Exhibits to Assert More Control Over Expression During 2008 Olympic Games

Chinese Government Cancels Art Exhibit By Controversial Artist

Nguyen Kim Dinh nude paintings banned from exhibit by Hue City Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism

The Last Temptation of Christ

Little India Riots at race course road.

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