Name: Director of media magazine in Italy appropriates archives forces collaborators into reiseigning.

Date:  1995 - 2005 , 1995 - 2005 , 1995 - 2005

Location:  Europe , Europe , Europe

SubjectOther , Other , Other

MediumElectronic Media , Electronic Media , Electronic Media

Artist: My name is Bianca Cerri and I am an Italian Journalist. I co-founded a web site that soon became very popular all over Italy with almost 5 millions of visits in less than 2 years, which is a lot in Italy.

Confronting Bodies: Mr. Roberto Di Nunzio, co-founder, declared the end of ReporterAssociati. Even those subscribers that had paid in cash to benefit the service, could not access the web site any more. We (co-founders and collaborators all) could not do anything to stop him.

Date of Action: The pressure started growing day after day and it culminated with the arbitrary removal of all personal mail accounts of those collaborators that did not accomplish with the decisions taken by Mr. di Nunzio. Today, as I write this, my mail account as b.ce

Specific Location: I live in Rome. Others are in many different places in Italy, Europe or overseas.

Description of Artwork: I worked non-stop for ReporterAssociati trying to make the web site a quality site where the public could benefit of unembedded information. Without modesty, I put all my energies in the work and I was able to do some remarkable interviews in the US during the electoral season.

Description of Incident: It's difficult to give a quick version of the story. In fact, Roberto di Nunzio started harassing all those journalists that refused to go the way he wanted to go. Including: he started de-faming the "traitors", meaning those that wanted to stick to what is called "ethic in journalism".

Results of Incident: We were practically forced to resign. The ugliest thing was the attitude towards our webmaster. He had worked very hard practically for free and he was treated in a shameful way.

Source: As I stated above: my name is Bianca Cerri, I live in Rome, Viale Giulio Agricola, 6 - 00174 Rome. I will be 54 in February but this is the first time I have become the victim of bullying. I am known as a correct person and in the many years I worked in

Submitted By: Bianca Cerri

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