Name: Modigliani nudes

Date:  1900 - 1925

Location:  Europe



image description
Artist: Amedeo Modigliani

Confronting Bodies: Paris police

Date of Action: 1917

Specific Location: Paris

Description of Artwork: a series of female nudes

Description of Incident: Modigliani's only one-man show was closed by the Paris police in 1917 when a crowd, drawn by a nude in the window, blocked the pavement outside the gallery. Investigating the complaints, a police inspector examined the work and declared it obscene: the artist showed pubic hair. For similar reasons, a rock was thrown through a gallery window in Toulouse in 1919, and in that same year, when Modigliani's work was shown in London, the press objected to an art "glorying in prostitution." Forty years latter subscriptions were canceled when Life Magazine reproduced a Modigliani nude among its pages; and more recently still, the U.S. postal authorities complained to the Guggenheim Museum about a Modigliani nude sold at its postcard counter.

Results of Incident: The show was cancelled.

Source: NCAC

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