Name: life drawins stripper from the wyvern theater gallery in swindon

Date:  1995 - 2005

Location:  Europe



Artist: Sara Hope

Confronting Bodies: Wyvern Theatre Management

Date of Action: december 2001

Specific Location: wyvern theatre gallery, swindon, england, UK

Description of Artwork: charcoal drawings of male nudes

Description of Incident: taken down by swindon theatre galle4ry because they believed teh drawings might cause offense to family to durring pantomine season

Results of Incident: local newspaper swindon evening advertiser ran a story on yhe 15th december 2001 regarding the incident. drawings were replacer whith work by other artist which happened to depict female torsos

Source: see the swindon evening advertiser newspaper articule on my website

Submitted By: clara

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