Name: In Egypt, writer, Salaheddin Mohsen is sentenced to three years in prison for atheism and blasphemy against Islam

Date:  1995 - 2005

Location:  Middle East and Caucasus , Africa


MediumLiterature , Personal Opinion

Artist: the writer Salaheddin Mohsen

Confronting Bodies: Government of Egypt; Egyptian Islamists

Date of Action: 2001

Specific Location: Egypt

Description of Artwork: In his books Salaheddin Mohsen writes about the fact that he does not believe in Islam. Against Islam, he uses his texts to promote secular thought and his belief on atheism.

Description of Incident: Salaheddin Mohsen’s anti-Islam texts came under scrutiny by the Egyptian government and courts who accused the writer of atheism and blasphemy against Islam.

Results of Incident: An Egyptian state security court sentenced Salaheddin Mohsen, a writer accused of blasphemy, to three years in prison with hard labor for writings deemed offensive to Islam. The court also ordered that all of Mohsen's books and publications be confiscated for containing what it described as "extremist" ideas. Mohsen was not the only person censored in Egypt for anti-Islam beliefs, the female preacher Manal Manea was also sentenced to three years in prison for atheism and blasphemy in 2001.

Source: Al-Ahram Weekly at: ; And, Democracy Frontline at:

Submitted By: National Coalition Against Censorship

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